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The idea of the service company began in 2009, brought up by Kenso directors. The real work was in 2011 and was in-cooperated in 2014 after careful assessment of the staffing. Kenso Professional Services is a registered entity by registrar of companies in Uganda.

For more than 6 years, Kenso professional services has helped customers leverage relevant corporate structures data to guide smarter business decisions. Kenso professional services offers critical insights including Business plan, business treatment on over 1 million parent and subsidizing business worldwide and in depth details on them and their financial plans to help your relationship that encourage business success.

Kenso professional services has dedicated research professional working daily to verify the company information you rely on is accurate, complete and timely. This commitment to ACT ensures our customers have relevant actionable data for business development and sales, credit and collection, executive recruitment and more.

Inspiring Nations Development


To efficiently give and expect high quality services that meet international standards


In our business of human development and planning we shall attain market leadership through total customer satisfaction, excellence, advancement and quality

Educate a Nation

Adult education is one of the most effective ways to increase access and reduce disparities in education that disproportionately affected generation of an educated and under educated people. The slogan says educate a girl child to educate a nation.

Why enroll?

By enrolling, you will be able to learn more about finding a career you have, find out more about graduates, their journey and portfolio projects.